Sunday, May 17, 2009

Debbies Blog Candy

Hi - a wet Sunday afternoon and I have just been trolling round my favourite blogs and came across this amazing give away - Debbie's blog candy. Go visit and see for yourself. I had been visiting Chris Millars blog - enjoying her creations so pop in there as well. It has been a good afternoon for blog hopping and I've seen so many inspirational cards etc I have so many ideas jumping round my head. Maybe it is a good thing we are going out to a Pot Luck dinner this evening. It is a group we belong to through church called Family Groups - . We are a group of about 16 families and we try to meet once a month for an outing, or dinner, or some other group activity. Not every one can come every time, but it is a great group to belong to. Time to go and start my contribution for the dinner - a red Thai chicken curry.
Thanks for visiting.

PS - just back at 9.30pm from dinner.... about 14 of us were there for the meal.... all the most scrumptious food. Nice company and a good catch up with some people we haven't seen for a while.


Paula said...

Wow Dawn thank you for the links. I will have to go & check them out in a tick :). Your Pot luck dinners sound like a lot of fun. Hope it isn't too wet for the dinner.

Anne said...

Hi, Dawn! Glad you enjoyed your dinner! :-)