Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Engagement photos

Got home from the trip away - full of a cold - coughing and spluttering to find Emma had sent some photo via email to me. One of her and I and then one of the three of us. I am going to get some professional prints done so I can update my photo frame. I am really pleased with the photos. We had a great day.

Our few days away were interesting. The hotel in Taupo was lovely - nice meal, toasty warm bed and then a lovely breakfast the next morning. Peter gave me a double CD of Simon & Garfunkel. He had looked at getting tickets to the concert but they were over $300 a seat so thought the CD was the next best thing. We listened to it on our way down to Levin.

His Mum was not looking too good when we got there, but the next day - being her birthday - she was very bright. She had lots of visitors and cards and flowers. However it did tire her out and yesterday she looked shattered. His sister, too, was not well. She has started her treatments - we took her to the hospital on Monday, but she had another seizure that night. Luckily not bad and she was back home by just after midnight. So we managed to get away on time. That meant we managed to get through the Desert Road in the middle of the island, before the snow came. This morning's news said it was closed due to snow. We could see it was dark and looked like snow was on the way.

Today I am just pottering round at home. I am too sick to go to work as I can hardly talk. My throat is very sore and my cough is awful. I've got a doctor's appointment tomorrow so hopefully nothing too serious - just a cold I hope.

Think I will spend some time this afternoon visiting my favourite blogs and even doing a card or two.

Thanks for visiting.


Anne said...

Hi, Dawn! My goodness! Seems like everyone is under the weather. When my throat is sore and scratchy, I like to lean into the steam rising off boiling water because the steam helps me. And the spaghetti isn't too bad, either! Feel better soon!

Kelly Booth said...

Hi Dawn...sounds like you had a Wonderful trip...Photos are really nice!
So sorry your sick...hope your feeling better real soon!!

Joshua Jiraffe Designs said...

Hi Dawn: It has been way too long I think since I stopped by for a visit. I also owe you an apology...I never got around to passing on the Rene award, which I still plan to do. Thanks again for that. I'm hoping to take a bit of time again to catch up on craft and craft buddies before we start packing up our house. It's almost 4 am here...I think it must be stress keeping me up! I see you have some great pics up and I will need to come back tomorrow to catch up on the news in your life...the engagement party! I just wanted to say "hi". I did see the last line that you're under the weather so I hope you feel better soon!!! Best wishes, JJ

Monika Reeck said...

Hallo Dawn....I see you looks so happy beside her..she is a pretty girl....and you a pretty Mama...are you okay now sorry I have so limited time and not see your Blog again but I always remember you and hope you are okay today...hugs