Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A sad week

I have had a very sad week... at 3.50am on Thursday 25th my husband's mother passed away. She had been deteriorating but it seemed far to quickly that she died. We got the call just after 4.00am but Hubby waited till around 6.00am to ring his brothers and sisters. It was a very sad day. We both went to work for about 2 hours to tidy things up and then headed off to Levin. It is 7 hours to get there. We stopped in Hamilton and picked up John, Peter's older brother and finally got to Levin around 6.00 in the evening. His other brother had flown down - already had his flights booked as he was going to visit his mum... and his sister from Papamoa was there as well. As one of his sister's was coming from London, we arranged the funeral for Monday afternoon. Our children and their partners came down on Sunday - all the family was there apart from two grandchildren who couldn't make it. Peter's is from a large family so there were lots of us.
June's service was lovely. Peter gave a moving eulogy and both the local mayor and his deputy spoke of the civic and service community work that she had done. Afterwards the family and a few friends had a lovely wake... were we all remembered the wonderful lady she had been.
As most of the children live away from the home town, we spend a few days clearing out the house. What an amazing amount of old photos, papers etc that we found. There was a lot of history stored there. A lot of it we have bought back with us and I will spend sometime putting it into order.
So it is with sadness that I finally say " Goodbye June... you will be missed"


paula said...

Dawn I am so sorry for your loss. Our wishes are with you & your family at this time. Take care sweetie xoxoxoxo

Anne said...

Hi, Dawn. So sorry to hear of your family's loss. My thoughts are with you as you grieve and heal. Big hugs!

aussie said...

Hi Dawn, I'm so sorry about the loss of your Mother in law! What a sad week it's been for your family. I hope looking at some of the old photos gives you all a little smile. I was coming to your blog to let you know a little happy news. You were one of the winners of the 'pay it forward' gift cards on my blog.
Chris Millar.

Anne said...

Hi again, Dawn! Thank you for your very sweet words on my blog ... at a time when you are hurting and mourning a family loss. You are tremendous and I am so grateful!

Tomo H. said...

Hi, Dawn... I'm so sorry to hear of your family's loss. (I knew this sad news today. I'm very sorry.)

And thanks so much for leaving me your very kind words on my blog. I feel better than the past.
Hugs, Tomo

Monika Reeck said...

Dawn I am so sorry to read about your loss...but you are very kind you answer me and you gave comment to my Blog you are a very best friend I ever have Dawn...hope you are now a bit better and happy....hugs from Germany