Tuesday, October 6, 2009

CCC - card from Pia

I got a lovely surprise today.  Pia from Denmark send me a wonderful card as part of Deborah Nolan's card chain challenge.  In the parcel from Pia wasn't not only a beautiful card but some goodies from her stash - some lovely papers, ribbon and some wonderful pins....thank you Pia and thanks to Deborah for thinking of this wonderful  idea.  She is starting the next CCC so visit her blog to join it.... you never know where your card might come from.
Thanks for stopping by.


paula said...

Wow what a lovely thing for Pia to do Dawn. You are one very lucky lady :D. That card is gorgeous & I bet you have so much fun with all those goodies :D

Tiffany said...

Oh how fun, what a darling card from Pia! Love them pumpkins! Great fun with the challenge!

Suzanne C said...

How wonderful to recieve a lovely package! Lovely card and the papers look beautiful!

Joshua Jiraffe Designs said...

Beautiful card from Pia and what a stash of goodies...have fun! BTW: Such a cute Pirate card and I love your ATC...I have to get cracking on my mine.

Thanks for the award...I finally got around to finishing it today. Thanks for thinking of me!

Tomo H. said...

What a pretty card and lovely goodies from Pia!
I also bet you have so much fun. TFS, Dawn! :)