Monday, 13 December 2010

Early Christmas Present.... and a great bargain.

My husband has given me my Christmas present a bit early..... He tried to keep it a secret.  He and my Dad told Mum and I that they were off to Bunnings ( hardware shop) but I was a bit surprised they didn't get anything.... but thought it might just have been a reccie... as they were looking at an irrigation system that Dad was going to put in for us..  The only reason I found out was that Hubby needed me to transfer the money from our joint internet only bank account - and only I have the access. A wee bit of a surprise when he said he needed over $8000 for my present!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And this is what it is~

Isn't he just the best!  It is a Peugeot 307 and real cute.  I've been driving it around and love it. 

And now onto my bargain.... I went to Scottie's last week ( one of my local stamp and scrap stores) and they were having a big sale.  I saw the Tim Holtz Tattered leaves on sale and so were Spellbinders - so bought a set of tags and the Tattered Leaves as well as few other bits and pieces.  When I was checking out, I queried my loyalty I knew I must have had some.... Some turned out to be $50 I got all my goodies for nearly half price in the end.... well worth it.
Craft wise I have been doing a few more of my Starry night cards, using up some of the colour combos I stamped off over the past weeks.

The first card turned out a disaster all round.  I started by creasing the base card in the wrong place and had to added a portion to the bottom to even it up.  I stamped my new Magical background on a scrap piece of card and added it.  Covered the join with some red card.  Matted my focal piece onto red card and added some Kindyglitz which reacted with the ink and splotched everywhere.  Was extremely disappointed in that.... but once it dry, it looked semi-okay....

More happy with the second one.  Again used my Magical background, some patterned paper.  This time I stuck to glitter - worked much better!!!!!!

Christmas is now just round the corner, so hope you all have done your shopping.... I still have a few little bits and pieces to get

Take care


Virginia L. said...

Aw.. what a fabulous car (and cards)! I'm sure you will enjoy the rides with this baby!! You look fab with your new wheels!!

Tiffany Ervin said...

Wow Dawn! What an awesome Christmas present, I love it! You look chic standing next to it! How fun! So glad you were able to get in some good bargains...I'm always looking for Spellbinders you know! Lovely work with the Starry Night stamp! :)

Barb said...

You are one lucky girl!!! Wow! A CAR for Christmas! Can you have your husband call my husband to give him some pointers on gift giving? Ha! Love your cards! Beautiful colors! And about all that shopping. . .I'm actually going out tomorrow to START mine! Been so busy and with all the snow we just got, haven't had the chance yet. I keep telling myself, "It'll get done, it'll get done. . ." :)

Anita Rex said...

Such an exciting gift! What a lovely car! I like how he tried to keep it a secret but couldn't! May be the best Christmas present ever! Such lovely cards, love the different colors you do on the starry night ones!

Scrumplescrunch said...

I just knew you would not give Scotties a miss Dawn, it is a fantastic sale. My girls have visited and I maybe having a surprise from that very shop!!!!
I gave them a wish list. But I do not think it will be a $8000.00 job.
But I will be pleased whatever it is.
Your cards are great even the disaster one! You have had your moneys worth out of this stamp at least.
I heard the news about Sue at Stamp Group Dawn, how very sad.

Anne Gaal said...

Hi, Dawn! What a terrific holiday gift! And you soooo deserve a pick-me up like this! Hope you are doing well! :-)

Suzanne C said...

Beautiful cards! Love those background and the one I received is fantastic! Thank you!!! What a wonderful gift your hubby got you! Yeah! Hope you are enjoying that new car smell!