Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July CCC

I'm still feeling a bit pooped from my big day out yesterday.  I left home at 6.30am and got to the office at 6.50am.  Left the office at 7.00am and drove North for two hours to Whangarei.  I went with a colleague.  Our first interview was at 10.30 so we had a bit of time to spare, so manage to look at a couple of stores.  After that interview, Michelle took over the driving as she knew the roads better than me.  Our next stop was Kerikeri, a further 1 and a bit hours drive.  We had lunch there, before doing the interview and then she drove us back home... Finally getting back to the office at 6.30pm and home at 6.50pm..  One very long day for about 2 hours work!  I work for Inland Revenue as a Community Compliance Officer, which is in the relationship area.  I go out and talk to people to get an idea of what it is really like out there in the business world.   Our current focus is on Cafes and Restaurants.  A very interesting job but I hope we don't get many more jobs so far north.

Anyway, today's post is to show you the fabulous card I received in this months CCC ( over at Lily Pad Cards Blog)  My card came from the wonderful Jeane who lives just over the ditch from me... in Sydney Australia.
Isn't this just beautiful.  Thanks heaps Jeane.  I really love this.

I sent this card to Hannah who lives in Florida.  We traded emails and sent each other photos of the view from our backyards.. She lives in an amazing area near a lake.  I sent some photos of the trees around my backyard.
 This from my deck looking down to the bottom lawn and across to the top lawn.

I really am feeling tired so I'm off for a bit of an early night.

Take care all...


Vanessa said...

Hi Dawn! Somehow I can't see your card, but I am sure it is beautiful! That view of your garden is! These plants look so different from those we have here! Thanks for sharing! Vanessa x

Lin said...

Hope you have an easier day today, Dawn. Your card to Hannah isn't showing, but what a great idea to exchange photos of your surroundings! Love the view you have from your deck - thanks for sharing it with us.

Barb said...

Beautiful view from your deck, Dawn! Hope you've had a good rest and feel less tired today!

AnitaRex said...

Busy day indeed! Next time you should stamp and color dozens of butterflies and spend the time cutting them out! :> Or take a nap lol! Love the card you received and so would love to come for a cup of coffee and conversation in your backyard!

Clare said...

Wow, that does sound tiring!!
The card you got is a beaut!
And you have a beautiful backyard too! Our backyard is a little bit more crazy. ;)