Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"Owl" you feeling?

I was a bit down on Saturday.  Had been for a walk up the hallway and promptly threw up all over the carpet.  Got all dizzy and had to make it quickly back to bed.... anyway hubby arrived and I had got some mail... a parcel from my niece, Vicky, in Australia.   And it cheered me up no end....
Look what arrived

Get Well Owl

So sweet.  It is adorable.  Vicky has been making these little owls.
And look at the back

Stitched WIth love

How cute is that!  So Vicky, your parcel arrived at just the right time.

Each day is getting better.  Managed most of the day by myself today as Hubby had to be at work.  He took me to have my blood test first thing.  I managed three walks... about 10 mins each, but not much distance.

No cards yet, but hopefully soon.

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Pauline said...

What a gorgeous gift, love the hand stiched sentiment on the back, so sweet, and a perfect pick me up gift.

Really hope you feel better soon, xx

Deirdre said...

Sorry to hear you are so poorly Dawn - hugs to you for a speedy recovery.

joy said...

One day at a time! It seems a long journey; hang in there. So sorry you still have nausea.

That owl is just so precious!! Vicky is very talented.

Sue said...

Once the Morphine is out of your system Dawn, you will feel heaps better, Hang in there Girl!

Brenda said...

Oh Dawn! I really feel for you! But you will be up and about soon! That owl is too darn cute! It looks quite large, what size is it! Absolutely adorable!

Nancy said...

I hope you start to feel much better really soon, sweet Dawn! It will get better, just give it some time.
Your niece is so thoughtful...that owl is perfect, so happy it arrived in perfect timing too! My card making has been preempted a bit by our new little arrival, hoping to get a day brightener out to you soon!
hugs, love and wishes for a speedy recovery.

CinnamonSally said...

Hi Dawn, so good to hear you are home and slowly on the mend. Don't overdo it, and take it slowly. You will soon be back to your old self. Hugs Sally.

Chris and Paige Evans said...

How thoughtful of your niece! That is sooooo cute! Hope you're feeling better asap!