Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Photo Friday challenge # 3 and #4

Carly set a very challenging challenge for #3.  It was called {Pocket Light} Pocket light is just that, using a small pocket of light in the photo. Maybe it's light from a window, flashlight, computer screen..... I totally struggled with this one and missed the deadline.  Then this past weekend I was mucking around with the camera and saw a stream of light shining in through the ranch slider.  I had a book lying on the floor, so I propped it up on a stool....

Summer reading

I was happy with the result in the end.

One of the other photos  I took was of my son's jandals sitting on the deck.


I was taken with the burst of the green against the neutral background.  So was rather pleased to see, when I got home, that Carly's latest challenge was {shoes}   This photo just said "Summer" to me. 

I'm hoping for continuing nice weather this weekend as we are heading off to the beach again this weekend.  Monday is another Public Holiday so another long weekend.   This weekend we are going with our friends.  We are lucky that they are so generous to allow us to use their holiday house even when they are not there.    But no crafting, no internet and no TV.  More reading, walking and just having a relaxing time.

I'm also hoping the next few days stay fine too as my hubby is off camping for a couple of days.... in his pup tent, with a fishing rod and a book for company.  He has leave to take and I don't :-(  ~ he's going on some fishing trips. 

Off to watch the "Downton Abbey Christmas Special".  It's a two episode series that follows on from Series Two.

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MaxineD said...

Love your second photo, Dawn - the contrast in colour and texture is great. Enjoy your break.

Elizabeth Allan said...

Dawn your photos are wonderful. I enjoy hearing what inspires each shot.

Tiffany said...

It's perfect! I've been wanting to do that pocket light challenge. Will try to make time for it! Love the cute sandals!

Clare said...

Neat photos, Dawn! I especially love that green sandal one - looks so neat against the flooring!

Deirdre said...

Sounds like an amazing weekend - hope you had a blast. I love Downton too.... got series one as a gift for Christmas and then ran off to buy Series Two! Addictive viewing!

Nancy said...

I'm loving your foray into photography, Dawn...great photos today! Hope you enjoyed your weekend at the beach!

Suzanne C said...

Lovely photos! Love seeing bits of summer from you while we are in our grey wintery days here.