Friday, February 17, 2012

Photo Friday challenge # 6~ Love

Carly set the challenge last week LOVE.  So what does LOVE mean for you.  Some of the others have taken some amazing photos.  Take a look here.  I thought and thought and finally thought about some of the loves in my life.... my family, my animals and of course my craft.
Before I started making cards ( and it became my obsession passion)  I used to make Teddy Bears.   So here's one of the Love's of my Life

This bear is one of my Favourites.  She's called Pippin and stands around 5 inches tall.  And I made her!  I filled her feet with special sand that allows her to stand on her own.  I tore some fabric to tie round her head.

LOVE this Bear

And here are just a few of the others that live on my dresser


Can you see Ben.... he's the teeny tiny one in the front.... he's about 2 inches tall, fully joined.

More Bears

Thanks for popping in today.  Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the LOVE of My Life.


Lisa said...

These must require a lot of tedious work to create. I could never have the patience! Can't believe that little one is only 2" tall! Wow, Dawn, you are the crafty lady :) These are really fantastic!!

Elizabeth Allan said...

Dawn I love your photo Fridays! I too enjoyed sewing bears. Isn't it fun to see them come to life and take on their own personalities? Your craftsmanship is amazing!

Lin said...

Dawn, these re darling! Used to be a Teddy collector, and even tried making a few, too, but they never looked this cute! Love the pink ones especially! Beautiful work!

MaxineD said...

What fabulous bears, Dawn!

Suzanne C said...

Adorable bears!

Michelle said...

Dawn, I love handmade bears, and yours are so lovely! That's a gorgeous photo of Pippin. :-)

Jay Gee said...

Dawn these are fabulous, you are so talented! I made one a long time ago for my daughter and I know how much work goes into them. She would just love your collection :)