Friday, March 9, 2012

Photo Friday challenge - OOF/Blurry

I missed getting a photo for last week's challenge on sweetness so really wanted to try this weeks {OOF/Blurry}  OOF stands for out of focus.... now I usually get lots of totally out of focus photos but this calls for a central focused image with a background out of focus.  I read up on Aperture settings and tried to use my little Canon Powershot SX120 IS to do this... but I tell you, the erase button was getting quite a work out... I really think I need to get the manual out and have a decent read.... any hoo.... I did manage to get something semi-acceptable.  But I really think I over compensated with my settings as it really grainy ( noisy)  so here's the pic

Out of Focus

And here's one of the other photos I took trying to get something acceptable

OOF #2

This one is really OOF.... everything!  Still, that's how I will learn.

Thanks for stopping by and peeking at my shocking photography..   I'm off to stamp with some friends tomorrow, before heading out to dinner.  So a good weekend planned.

And a big thanks to Paula and Sheila who both gave me an award this week... more about that next week.  You ladies are so generous with your lovely comments.  Much appreciated.



MaxineD said...

Great way to learn how to take 'art' photos :-) Love the concept of the elephants, it makes a great photo.

I use a Canon Powershot too and love it!

paula said...

Dawn, I think you are doing really well. I like the photos you have taken & if you hadn't said anything I would have thought they are perfect the way they are xoxoxo

Suzanne C said...

Beautiful flower and love the elephants. It is fun to experiment and you learn as you play.

Tiffany said...

You did great on this! What a cool technique! I haven't done these challenges for awhile!