Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Some Christmas Baking

I've been frantically baking for Christmas ( as well as making a pile of cards for an order).  I decided for the first time in my life ( 55 yrs) to make a Christmas cake.  I bought myself a neat recipe book called " 4 Ingredient Christmas"  and there was this super duper easy peasy cake.  1 kg of fruit, 3 cups of fruit juice and 3 cups SR flour

I used too small a tin so it is quite high.  I had to cook it slightly longer but is is beautifully moist as I cut it to take some to work for a shared morning tea today. 

I've also been making Gingerbread men for the kids coming to our neighbourhood barbeque tonight.  

I had fun decorating these.   I just cut some labels to make toppers for them in cellophane bags.   

The weather today has not been playing nice.... wet and humid.  Very sticky.  I'm hoping the rain stays off so we can be outside.  If not, it will be in our garage.   

Better fly.... as they are due to arrive in the next 10 mins.  I'm running late because our daughter rang so had a chat with her.  She is getting ready for her big Winter Wonderland experience!  She is flying to New York for Christmas, Vancouver for New Year, then onto San Francisco and finishing in Hawaii before heading back to Perth.  She's away for over 3 weeks so is looking forward to her holiday. 

Enjoy your week.... this time next week it will be all over bar the shouting for me  and just starting for my USA and UK/Europe friends.


paula said...

Dawn it sounds like it is very busy today for you. Hope the weather holds off so you can have a great time outside. If not I know you still will have a wonderful time. It's threatening to storm here at the moment. Your cake looks fantastic & I'm not showing the girls your ginger bread men as they'll want to make some ;) xoxoxo

Heather Maria said...

Oh Dawn, you've been busy! Your Christmas cake (I've never made one either!) looks absolutely delicious! Love the colourful way you've decorated the gingerbread men, stars and trees - bet they were a big hit with the kids! Hope the weather was kind to you for the barbeque:) Wow sounds like your daughter is going to have an adventurous time!

Angela Palmer said...

Your cake looks delicious. I am still yet to make mine - if I get around to it. Trying to remember to soak the mixed fruit in advance and then having 3 & 1/2 hours to let it cook.

Cute biscuits too.

Barb said...

Your daughter's trip sounds wonderful, Dawn! I hope the weather cooperated and you were able to be outside! Thanks for sharing the photos of your yummy goodies - those cookies are adorable!

CinnamonSally said...

Hi Dawn, your cake and gingerbread men look so yummy, hope the barbi went well.
How lucky is your daughter, what a fabulous holiday she has planned, I hope she has a fabulous time.

Nancy K said...

Everything looks so yummy, Dawn! Sounds like you are enjoying the holiday festivities! Blessings to you!

Maureen Morton said...

Man, your talents are sooo far-reaching! I had no idea that you were such a wiz in the kitchen, Dawn. All are looking so yummy and those dear gingerbread guys have such personalities. Wish I was in the neighborhood! Enjoy!

MaxineD said...

Oh Dawn what a fabulous looking cake, and such an easy peasy recipe!! You must have had great fun decorating the gingerbread men!
Hot and very humid for us today - looks as though the big day may be wet :-(.

Kelly Booth said...

YUMMY!! I have been so Sick I did not get to bake this year...makes me sad!! Merry Christmas Dawn!

Elizabeth Allan said...

Dawn your baked goods look mouth-watering delicious! Wishing you a very merry Christmas!

Greta said...

Your baking looks wonderful! Can almost taste it! Hope the barbeque was a success. Merry Christmas!

Suzanne C said...

YUM! What delicious desserts.