Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Black and White Photos

Over at Facebook I have accepted the challenge set by my friend Prue, to share 7 days of a Black and White photo.... No people, no explanations...

Today was Day 1
So here I am doing a bit of explanation.   This was taken this morning of my window bench.  I have the flower sitting there next to an old coffee grinder and my cooking scales. 

While I was out on my walk today I took several Black and White photos that I might use over the next few days. 

It was awesome to take such notice of what is around me while I was out. looking for the ideal image to take in black and white

Looking forward to finding more images over the next week. 


Betty Keefe said...

you are quite the photographer, Dawm - all wonderful photos!!

Greta said...

I'm not usually big on black & white photos, but wow--these are wonderful, Dawn! I especially love the second one--so much texture captured perfectly!

creationsnz said...

What a great idea!