Thursday, January 18, 2018

Pencil colouring.... first class done at Kit and Clowder

I decided I needed to learn how to use my Prismacolour pencils better so I purchased Kit and Clowder's monthly pencil classes.  I started the December class just a few days before the Jan one came out....

Here are some of WIP photos.  The class is split up into episodes that make it easy to follow.

 First section the stems of the flowers.

2nd section was the flowers... Need more practice here! and 3rd section the fur on the teddy

and here it is finished

and made into a card.... minus the sentiment at the moment. 
I used some light weight watercolour paper which in hindsight was not the perfect paper (Too much tooth) and I also printed it at A5 - should have done it at 5" x 7" which would have made it a bit bigger and easier to colour.   Overall I was pleased with the results, especially the teddy's head.    Plus this was one of the few times I've tried no line colouring with any success.  

Now to try the Jan class.... it is a bit daunting as it is a blond girl with a purple dress hugging a horse with some tiny flowers all over the place. 


Maxine D said...

This is stunning Dawn - love your colouring!! Well done

Betty Keefe said...

fantastic coloring, Dawn - the coloring on the little bear's hear deserves an A+

Betty Keefe said...

sorry for the typo - i meant "head" not "hear"

Greta said...

You should be proud of this, Dawn! I agree, the coloring on the bear's head is fabulous!

creationsnz said...

I think the whole thing is great and especially your no-line colouring. CarolG

Brawny said...

Wow,this is fab. I've been debating this myself. X

Monika Reeck said...

the FUR of teddy looks so adorable Dawn
you achieve a great class
yaay I love the colored of the red flower too
great coloring and great card

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