Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Monday's Washday Blues...

I know it's Wednesday... but Monday really was a washday blues sort of day. My son hadn't put out his rugby gear for washing till late on Sunday so I left it to do after work on Monday ( as well as the weekend towels etc) - so go to do it... in goes the powder and clothes - turn it on, push the all change buttons ( heavy duty cold wash) press the start button...... and NOTHING>>>>> did all things one does for computerised electronic systems. Turned it off at the wall, tried again... still as dead as a dodo..... Okay... next morning ring the electrician- can come 8.00am Wednesday, so here I am waiting....... still with heaps of washing to do and the weather has now packed in and it is raining. Two beautiful days just past.

Glad I'm not a home during the day though. Our local council is doing some reticulation work round our place. Our drive has been dug up and new storm water drains are going in,.... now they want to do more work round our drive way. Hubby is out there now discussing with the council exactly what it is.... and the noise from the concrete cutters, diggers etc is so bad. I usually leave work prior to this all starting and by the time I get home , they have packed up for the day. It's been ongoing for 4 weeks already and looks like going for some time more.

Have managed to get some crafting done over the past few days. Did Easter cards for MIL and SIL - no photos as I had to get them into the post ASAP ( Easter seems to have snuck up on me) . Marnie from work wanted some cards done with her little boy on them so got 4 of them done. Ollie is such a cutie.

Plus last night I did a card for the HA challenge this week. The challenge is to use something other than paper or cardstock to stamp on. The other day we did a technique where you stamped on acatate and then put easter egg foil on the underside. I found some lovely multi coloured eggs the other day so bought them - unwrapped them all and used the foil ( Eggs still in the fridge waiting to be eaten) As I didn't have an Stazon black I stamped in white. It didn't look so good so went over it with a permanent black marker....
Stamps used: Branch from Asian Designs by Inkadinkadoo, Grid pattern on oval is by Rubadubadoo ( stamped once straight and once on an angle) sentiment HA CL129 Anytime Messages, Butterfly HA F5158. Lace edging - Fiskars Edwardian edging. Bottom edge is the off cuts of the side edge.

Well the electrician is here ) only 20 mins after they said they would... so can't really complain. And he can fix it now.... albeit its going to cost $139.00

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by
PS after some discussion on Flickr - I will be submitting my pink card for the CPS challenge. I used the sketch for a starting point on this card.


Paula said...

Oh Dawn I feel for you. As the saying goes it never rains it poors.....literally in your case
:(. Hope everything gets back to normal for you soon.

Diana said...

Hi Dawn. Love your blog. Love the Hero Arts blog and all the wonderful people to visit there so often. Feel free to visit me. I too, just started my blog in February.

Diana said...

You made my day. Thanks for all the nice comments about my photography. Have a fantastic day.

Anne said...

Hi, Dawn! Lovely cards! I like how you colored the heart-winged butterfly. And the photo card is so cute! Good luck with all the washing! :-)