Saturday, July 11, 2009

A bit of a mishap!!!

Well - thinks got a bit hairy last night. My SIL (Helen) and her hubby (Neil) came round to visit us last night before heading back to England today. They had been staying overnight at BIL's place about 20 minutes drive away. Got the call round 5pm to say she was leaving Devonport.... sometime later the phone rings..... "should I be heading to Northcote" "no way. - go left at next set of lights....etc" few minutes later another call.... " I'm on Milford Road heading back to Takapuna - did I make a wrong turn?" " yes go back to round about and head left up Beach Road - go on till you go through Mairangi Bay, up the hill to the top and left into Sunrise, right into Clematis"..... 3 minutes later " anywhere near Aberdeen Road" ..." no still a ways to go" ... then about 12 minutes later ( was only 3kms away) ... yet another call " Am at the Anglican church -anywhere near you yet?"
By now hubby and I are in fits of laughter. He answered the call.... told her to stay put and he'd come and show them the way. They had gone over the hill, down the other side and half way up the next hill. So off he goes - now very dark so leads them home. Now, we have some new lawn up the top of the drive and hubby has put a little barrier up to stop the mailman riding over it ( and the next door neighbour cutting the corner and driving over the new lawn) So what does SIL do - drive right through the barrier, scruffs up the lawn and gets mud all down the drive...... what a start to the night......
But wait.... it gets better ( or should I say worse....) SIL comes into the craft room with me to have a wee heart to heart. Glass of red wine with her..... need I say more..... Off the desk it went, all through my 12 x 12 folder full of card stock ( lost quite a bit of that!!) and all over the grey carpet.....all I can say is thank goodness I had a pound of salt in the cupboard. I sprinkled it heavily all over the stain and left it to dry overnight and all day... and yes it is all gone. Poor SIL was beside herself by this stage... All I could do was laugh. She was so worried her brother would kill her....... and all he did was shrug his shoulders and tell her all was okay.

Anyway after all that drama we went out to dinner and had a lovely meal. My son drove the car down to the restuarant for her and then when it was time to go back to BIL's, he drove them and his girlfriend followed in his truck. I think she was well and truly ready to head back to her own place.

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