Thursday, October 1, 2009

MeMe Award

While I was on holiday the lovely Paula sent me this award. . It's called the "MeMe award" & the rules are very simple. I have to divulge 7 secrets about myself and pass this award on to 7 others. Well I don't really have any secrets, so I guess I will do what some of the others have done & tell you 7 things about me (yes you probably really don't need to know).

1. I live at home with my husband of 31 years ( 32 come Jan 21st) and our almost 21 year old son ( plus his girlfriend several evenings a week)

2. I am trying to lose weight (aren't we all ) - have mild diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholestrol

3. If I could, I would give up work and do crafty things all day

4. I really love my computer and the internet.  Am on it hours a night

5. I spend way too much money on my card marking stuff ( again, don't we all!!)

6. I have 25 teddies ( most of which I handmade) sitting on my dressing table in my bedroom

7. I am messy....... as my DH will attest.  He is always nagging me to tidy my side of the room, the crafting space, even the inside of my car.... ( and you should see my desk at work.... organised chaos!!)

"Whew" glad that's over with as painful as that was ;). I would love to give this award to the following in no particular order:

JJ ( also know as Joshua Jiraffe)
Joy ( aka Dustypenny)

Please visit their blogs for tons of fun and inspiration. and also the lovely Paula's super blog as well.
Thanks for looking.  I'll have some more ATC's posted tomorrow - made 3 this evening... just need to get the photos taken,.....
thanks for stopping by.


Tomo H. said...

Hi, Dawn! Congratulations! I love your lovely creations! And also thanks so much for giving this award to me!
Loved to read and see your recent posts.
Please take care, Dawn! I do want to look your pretty teddies! and Enjoy your work and creations! :) - I have to divulge 21 secrets about myself? I came to be in such a condition just now. ;) Have a wonderful weekend!

Suzanne C said...

Thank you for thinking of me with the award! I am so boring I don't have any good secrets. I too would love to see the teddy bear collection.

Vanessa said...

Thank you so much Dawn! I am honoured! I am boring and would not know 7 secrets...That`ll take some time!


Anne said...

Hi, Dawn! It was fun reading your 7 things! Congratulations on your blog award! :-)

dustypenny said...

Thanks, Dawn! Ditto what Vanessa said. I'll have to come up with something!