Saturday, 11 December 2010

I've been soooo busy.........

that I haven't had much time to craft, or visit blogs and leave comments....  with my parents here, I have wanted to spend as much time as I can with them.  Plus I was addressing all my Christmas cards...which took ages I must say.  Then work was busy ~  out on the road for a couple of days and we had our Christmas Day.... started with team building and ended with Lunch.

We started the day by Lawn Bowling.... we were put into teams and played against each other.... hilarious as only one of the 20 odd of us had ever bowled before.  My team of me, Fiona and Abdul drew one game and lost the other....

We followed this by coffee at the Naval Museum nearby in Devonport and then onto North Head for a Scavenger Hunt.   North Head is an a headland overlooking Auckland Harbour that was a strategic defence area and has lots of old tunnels, gun emplacements and other interesting things.  Our hunt involved a looking for a number of clues and writing them down,.... my group ended up just wandering around the site as it was such a beautiful day and there was just so much of interest to see.  We did however get most of the questions completed as one of our members went straight to watch the video in the info centre while the other 4 of us meandered around.

A few hills to climb, but as you can see the sights were lovely.    The place down on the beach is where we went for lunch.  It is called McHughs.  It has the most amazing food.

A fun day was had by all but everyone commented the next day how tired they were that evening...  More so for me as I ended up going out to dinner with my parents and my son and his girlfriend.  A spur of the moment thing but great fun.  Hubby was at his touch rugby so we got takeaway for him.

Well my parents are now winging their way home to the Gold Coast after 3 weeks with us, - back to normality for us.... I will miss having them here.... loved it Mum and Dad!!!!!!!!!  )
( know they will check this when they get home!!!!!)

Enjoy your weekend all.... hope you did the Hero Arts Blog Hop.... a great showcase of the new stamps coming out!!!

Cheers for now.


donna mikasa said...

Hi Dawn! Looks like you had fun with your co-workers! Great photos, and great weather, too! I'm sure your parents had a nice visit with you--3 weeks must have whizzed by! Hope you have a restful weekend!

Lin said...

What great pictures, Dawn - love seeing the sea and all the green. Sounds like you work for a fun company! I hate addressing Christmas cards; mine are just done now, too (just put my head down and DID it).

Barb said...

Fun post, Dawn! What a wonderful company you work for! Beautiful photos! So nice to see sunshine and warmth as we are in a blizzard right now! I've just finished my cards and still need to address them. . .hate that part too. Hugs!

Suzanne C said...

Looks like so much fun! Love the santa hat!