Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Operation Ruthie ~ Reveal.

Back in October 2009, Deborah let us know that one of our Hero Arts Flickr group.... Ruth.... was struggling with cancer and undergoing chemo and she( Deborah) had come up with a great idea.... that we could send Ruth a card or two.... totally anonymously and 55 of us took up the challenge.  Deborah even thought up some wonderful names for us.... mine was Oak Goblinglitter...
Now that Ruth is doing better, and it being Secret Santa time of the year, it has been decided to reveal all....

Here is the first card I sent
a special card for a special lady

Unfortunately I did not take a photo of the second card I sent... but I hope Ruth enjoyed it.

A big thanks to Deborah who organised this mammoth task.  It was fun to design something inspiring for Ruth.


Scrumplescrunch said...

What a wonderful thoughtful thing to do for Ruth. I am so pleased she is recovering, the 55 cards must have had a real positive effect, I can imagine she was thrilled.
Your card is fabulous Dawn.
Did you call into Scotties today she is having a great sale no need to wait for each day.

Barb said...

What a lovely card you sent to Ruth, Dawn! And this was a wonderful idea! Nice to know she's doing so well now! I'm sure the cards made her feel very special!

Lin said...

Such a sweet card, Dawn! Just an example of the many good things that happen at Flickr!

Suzanne C said...

How sweet! Lovely fairy and so pretty.