Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Mother's Day Card

Yesterday afternoon I had a lovely lady from work come over.  Suna is a beginner stamper, just starting out so I told her to come and have a play.  We both managed two cards.  She made a Mother's Day card for her Mum and one for her MIL.  I got one Mother's Day card made as well.

We both used Poppies... Suna used the line one and I used the Negative stamp

Mother's Day

This card caused me heaps of grief.  I didn't leave the ink to dry fully before putting it together.  Inky finger prints everywhere.  But finally it all came together.  A few of the ladies at work have requested Mother's Day cards so this makes a great start. 

I've been working on some special projects that I'm really enjoying, but can't share just yet.  

It's been a wet few days here, but still very warm for this time of the year... 10pm at night and I'm still in just a singlet top and shorts.  Usually by this time of the year the evenings would be cool enough to need a cardigan or top.  And the rain is just what's needed to break the draught around the country.  

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.  I thank you all for visiting and those who leave me a comment... I do appreciate it.


joy said...

A lovely card for any mother! I don't like extremely hot or extremely cold weather - we can't seem to strike a happy medium here for our spring. Since there's nothing to be done about it, I try to tolerate it!! Love making cards when the weather isn't very nice, don't you??

Cecilia Hsieh said...

Lovely Mothers Day card! I still have 2 more to make, must get to them soon!

Doreen said...

This is just gorgeous,lovely

judkajudi said...

Your card is lovely, Dawn. I envy your having someone to stamp witih!! It's more fun with a stamping friend!! Hugs.

Virginia L. said...

I wouldn't have thought of using this color combo, Dawn! It's perfect for Mother's Day card! GREAT choice of ribbons and sentiment, too! Do stay dry :)

CinnamonSally said...

Gorgeous card Dawn, it must have been fun stamping with your work friend, its always great to have company!

MaxineD said...

Love that card Dawn - what fun to have a fellow stamper at work! Try popping down here - it is a bit cooler here these days, but still mild for this time of year, I must admit.