Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Visiting the parentals....

I've been away for a few days as I made a flying visit to the Gold Coast Australia to spend a few days with my parents and celebrate my Dad's 80th birthday.  It's approx a 3 hour flight from Auckland to Coolangatta (Gold Coast).  I went over Thursday afternoon and back Monday afternoon.  It was to be a surprise visit... my brother knew I was coming and was picking me up.   But fate intervened.... Dad rang Wednesday night to let me know my Mum was unwell and was in hospital so I had to let him know I was coming the next day.  He didn't let Mum know so it was a huge surprise to her when I got to the hospital.  Luckily she was able to come out the next day. 

Dad and I went out for a lovely walk on Friday morning

On Saturday, I caught up with my friend Michelle.  We haven't seen each other for about 5 years...  She took me to the Spit ... a very pretty spot where I could look down to the main Surfer's Paradise beach

The two of us  

Sunday was Dad's birthday and we had a lovely dinner cooked by my niece Toni. And Dad enjoyed himself.   Mum was up to eating with us which was lovely.  

I was sad to have to come home, but really please I was able to be there to help them celebrate.  

And before I leave, I have a photo that Dad showed me of my family circa 1960.  I was three and my brother 15 months approx.  

Time to get back into some crafting ... at least for a couple of days, before we head away for a 4 day weekend in Napier to visit some friends... we are flying down ( a one hour flight on a little wee plane)  A very busy September!

Sending thoughts and prayers to all my American followers who have been caught in the storms - hoping everyone is safe. 


Maxine D said...

Looks as though you had a wonderful trip - how wonderful to be there and know that your mother was on the road to recovery by the time you left. Great to be able to catch up with friends too.
Love the spit - my son took me out there too when I was over last month :-)

CinnamonSally said...

Looks like you had a fun time visiting your parents Dawn, so glad your mum was out of hospital for the visit.

Virginia Lu said...

What a precious time that you spent with your parents! I am sure it was hard to leave parents and go home.... At least your visit made your parents super happy, so that's all what counts, right? Hugs to you!

Greta said...

How special to be with your family for your dad's 80th! So glad your mom was out of the hospital & could be involved in the celebration! Thanks for sharing all the pictures, Dawn. The family photo is really a treasure!

Monika Reeck said...

Oh your daddy still healthy so happy to see him
may I ask you how old is he
my daddy next year will be 70
and I am 45 next year yeah time flies so fast and nice Foto of you and Michelle
great Foto of the beach too and your mommy looks so beautiful Daddy so handsome on the last photo and you are sooo cuuuteeee with that hair
sweet memory Foto Dawn