Monday, September 18, 2017

An Eventful Friday....

I was back for three days before we headed off for a long weekend down south at Napier.   It is an hours flight south east of Auckland.   Well it should have been!

We got to Auckland airport for a 2.55pm flight only to find it had been delayed firstly for 40 minutes and then another 20 minutes.  Got onto the plane and took off.... only to find about 20 minutes into the flight, the pilot announced there was a warning light showing an issue with the hydraulics and we were returning to Auckland.   So we turned around in a wide sweep as there were no flaps.  The pilot advised us that he would be landing at speed.  However when we got near Auckland, the pilot then advised that there were cross winds at Auckland which were making it dangerous to  land and we would be diverting to Hamilton...  so off we went....  And after a little while and a speedy decent we made it to Hamilton.  From there we hired a car and drove 3 hours 20 minutes to reach our friend's house at 9.30pm.    What a day!   And we made the news

Didn't realise how bad it was, the staff were very calm and collected.   The pilot landed the plane very smoothly and we all applauded him.

The rest of the weekend was fabulous.  We had gone down with friends and we all stayed with Rachel and Ian.   Rachel is celebrating her 60th birthday next week so we spend some time celebrating with her.   Rachel is a quilter and earlier this year gave us a beautiful quilt.  I took a photo of some of it, and made her a card

I used the computer to make the sentiment which I cut with a Littl' inkers die.  The cotton reel is a digital image from Hero Arts.

Well back to work tomorrow.   And catch up with some of my design work.


Betty Keefe said...

what a story, Dawn and glad you are all ok. beautiful card - love all the blues.

Maxine D said...

That was some flight Dawn!!! So glad all was well in the end. I could have given you a cuppa if I had know you were passing through - you probably needed one after that :-).
Love that card, and especially how you have personalised it.

Monika Reeck said...

oh what a story Dawn and Happy too you are okay
so love that quilting on your card
great made my friend

Greta said...

What an experience! I would have been a complete wreck--just not a good traveler! Glad you had fun. Bet she loved your quilt card based on her work!