Sunday, August 21, 2011

Nature at it's finest.....

This weekend the weather has been just lovely.  After the last weekend's Polar Blast, it was really spring like.  I had my camera in hand yesterday and got some great pictures
Tui in the tree

Tui drinking

This is one of a pair of Tui's  that nest around our place.  Hubby puts out Honey water each weekend to attach them to the bird feeder.  Tui's have an incredible song call (you can listen here)  They really are beautiful birds

Daffodill 20 August 2011

Spring flowers

Swan plant seeds

These are from the garden... Spring is on it's way.

And here is what my hubby was doing today
Afternoon toil

Hope you enjoyed seeing my little part of the world.  




paula said...

Looks like Spring has definately "sprung" around your place. It's raining here at the moment :(, but hopefully the sun will come out to play soon xoxoxoxo

Lin said...

I did enjoy it, Dawn - love seeing spring come to you. Pretty bird music too!

Barb said...

Love hearing the bird song! Beautiful photos, Dawn! I sure wish Spring was on it's way here too. . .dreading winter coming with all that snow again. I need to really enjoy the last days of Summer and hopefully a nice long (and warm) Autumn! Hugs!

Brenda said...

Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos Dawn! Looks so pretty! Love that bird!

CinnamonSally said...

Gorgeous photos Dawn, glad you are having some spring like weather.

Trinh said...

Great spring photos, Dawn! I need to wash my car but it's too hot with our 100+ degree weather. Glad things are warming up for you!

Tiffany said...

LOVE your capture of Spring time! Sweet photos and your hubs looks great getting that car all clean!

Sue said...

How positively innovative of you to find the Tui's song Dawn, I even went and had a listen even though I have them around the house too!
And of course the Daffs are a favourite of mine as they remind me of Wales and my roots. But I still think it is damn cold here at the moment Dawn!

Vicky said...

Oh how I miss Daffodils!! They are my very favourite flower and I never see any on the Gold Coast. Love your pictures and I can't wait for spring also :)